What shall we do with the young people?

July 20, 2009 · Print this post

The radically changing workforce demographic can be a source of stress for any organization. It’s more than just an “age difference” — it’s the meeting (sometimes the collision) of widely different worldviews, values, technological experience and expectations of what “work” should be and how it should feel.

Differences can’t be executive-memo’ed or or human-resourced away: they have to be engaged, explored, and integrated into your workplace process if you want your workplace to be effective.

Here’s one organization that’s doing just that — read this long and thoughtful article about the strategies adderall for cheap Swedish Hospital is using to integrate and engage younger workers.

It means that when 25-year-old ICU nurse Talina Silbernagel comes to work at 7 p.m. for a 12-hour shift three nights a week, she has lots of duties but also a support network to keep her from slipping through the cracks or feeling helpless when things get rough.
For her, “What do you need?” is about the best question her bosses can ask.
— from “Seattle hospital thinks young for its workers” by Tyrone Beason

You’ll find much more good advice in the article.

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