Tools and Materials

These books and articles are essential texts of the program, and form the foundation of the manager’s professional library.

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Harvard Business Review articles are available for purchase at the Harvard Business Review website.

Other articles are available as noted.

Program Books


Program Articles


Program Tools and Handouts

The following tools, worksheets and handouts are included in the downloadable Tools and Materials document on the sidebar.

  • Confidentiality Contract
  • Hierarchical vs. Web Models of Organizations
  • Prioritizing Key Business Relationships
  • Example Relationship Map
  • Key Relationship Worksheet
  • Interpersonal Gap
  • Ladder of Assumption
  • Human/Business Interaction Model
  • Basic Communication Guidelines (face to face, by telephone and through email)
  • Basic Elements of a Clear Business Communication
  • Strategies and Tips for Being Clear
  • Strategies and Tips for Being Transparent
  • Strategies and Tips for Being Authentic
  • Team Accountabilities
  • Determining Priorities
  • Managing Priorities Quadrant Grid
  • Decision Models
  • Process for Making Effective Decisions
  • Grid Tool (for group decision-making)
  • Team Agreements
  • Process for Creating Team Agreements
  • Example Team Orientation Notes
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Example Team Member Roles and Responsibilities
  • Example Manager Roles and Responsibilities
  • Team Ground Rules
  • Example Team Member Ground Rules
  • Example Manager Ground Rules
  • Key Processes
  • Key Information
  • Behavior-Based Interviewing Process
  • Job Description for Interview Candidates
  • Behavior-Based Interview Template
  • Interview Rating Sheet
  • Onboarding and Training Plan
  • Example 90-Day Goals
  • Giving Performance Reviews
  • Self-Evaluation Template
  • Example Performance Review
  • Effective Business Conflict
  • Homework Assignment Sheets for all sessions


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