Forums hacked (sigh)

April 17, 2009 · Print this post

The HAW Forums have been hacked, and the cleanup will take a while. I’ve disabled them until that work is done.

My apologies to anyone who wandered into the forums looking for a conversation and found the unpleasantness there.

Can anyone tell me the point of this kind of thing? Do they really expect people in a management forum to stop and say, Oh wow, I didn’t realize until just this minute that where I really want to be is on some vile porn website — how thoughtful of them to have stopped by to provide these links!

Most of the time, I think of people who commit thoughtless harm (like, for example, many bad managers) as willing but unskilled; well-intentioned, but in need of tools and techniques to help them get where they want to be. I am not feeling generous in that way toward the perpetrators of spam. I think you have to have a hole in your soul to do this kind of thing for money or fun. And sadly, some of us do. It’s just another way to be human at work.

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