Everyone’s got one…

July 27, 2009 · Print this post

… a client who thinks that their need is more important than your effort.

Sure, client needs are important. Delivering quality, expertise, convenience, customized service, turnkey solutions, great products — that’s bread and butter for most companies. But especially in tough times, it’s easy for people to forget that we aren’t here to serve each other’s needs: we’re here in an exchange of value for value, and meeting needs is the primary way that humans make that kind of exchange. My work for your money. My money for your product. My love for your love. My financial support for the services your nonprofit provides to a community I care about. And so on.

Whatever the specifics, in order to be sustainable, our relationship has to be based on mutual buy ativan from canada acknowledgment of the value. This video makes the point brilliantly. Have a laugh; spot your own “I’m so special” client in this mix; and then please make sure you’re not ever one of these clients for someone else.

And here’s a notion: what if instead of clients and vendors, we think of managers and employees? Please, make sure that as a manager you’re not placing your “I’m so special” needs above the value of people’s work. Don’t ask them to give so you can take: instead, support them in creating and receiving value. Everyone wins that way.

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