Training makes a difference

June 15, 2009

From Harvard Business Review, a study by Ellen Ernst Kossek and Leslie B. Hammer showing that “Supervisor Work/Life Training Gets Results”.

I haven’t read the full article, but even the brief, cogent summary will give you some ammunition to support manager/supervisor training within your organization. The summary indicates that Kossek and Hammer describe some good approaches to low-cost, low-impact ways to begin helping managers better address the human aspects of work; and that even brief online tutorials focused on these skills made a positive difference to manager effectiveness and employee engagement. Of special note is the final step of setting buy ativan online goals and observing/recording their own experiences: that’s a great tool to motivate people to practice and integrate their skills.

The message is clear: do whatever you can to help your managers get these skills. If you’re a manager whose company doesn’t support this kind of training, start finding your own resources. Download the Humans At Work curriculum (see the program page sidebar); investigate some of my suggested resources; or head straight over to the Harvard Business Review website, where you’ll find a great many ideas, strategies and conversations about what lots of other managers are thinking and doing these days.